The biggest challenge of learning a new skill like meditation is learning to fit it into your routine. Most everyone has days when it is hard to shower, let alone set aside time for quiet. The focus of a meditation practice is to find time each day that supports your journey forward. Make a commitment to follow these simple steps each day.

What to Do

A good meditation practice does not stop with a timer. Once it stops, it takes a few moments to come into presence. Stress and routine re-emerge and you have to get back to life again. A transformative process enriches your life and the lives of those around you. To get started, you need a good plan.

How it Works

Adding a reminder or mini practice each day helps you maintain some of the benefits of meditation each day. Using some simple techniques, you’ll be able to work your meditation practice into daily activities for lasting calm and focus.

  • Walking meditation: take a walk and link breathing to your steps. Slow walking meditation practice can be powerful. Take a breath with every two or three steps as you wander
  • Exercise meditation: focus mental energy on your body. Picture the push and pull of muscles and feel how you adjust your movements. Try out an exercise program that is rooted in breath and mindfulness
  • Two breaths: taking two simple, mindful breaths and can engage your meditative state at any point. Take two breaths before making a call, answering an email or starting your car
  • Sound cue: choose a sound and take two breaths every time you hear it. Choose a sound for your setting and incorporate a five-second pause in thinking when you hear a phone ring
  • Transitions: times when you move from one thing to another are key. Coming home from work is a transition from your work self home self. Going to meetings is different than going home. Think of lunchtimes as a good space to create room for breath and meditation. Pick a few transitions everyday and create a meditative pause

Make a commitment to the practice. Don’t give up your daily routine. Just amend it to work for you. Start with 5 minutes and keep it there until you are ready to try longer or make a routine that works for you. Just don’t go too fast or make it too long at first. You will find a way to do it if you keep practicing.

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