Taking drugs is risky business because there is no telling what is inside the drugs and how it may impact a person’s thoughts and behaviors. Many people who purchase drugs don’t realize how many toxic substances are in them that may be lethal. Aside from the main ingredients in drugs like marijuana and heroin, now there are other medications and drugs being cut into them which make them lethal for some people who use the drug. Carfentanyl is an additive which is a sedative used for large animals. People are overdosing because they do not realize it is added into drugs they already take. Learn more about the risks and dangers of carfentanil and how to help a loved one who struggles with addiction.

No Certainty of Safety

When people use drugs, they are inherently putting their lives at risk each time. There is no telling how this time will impact their brain and body. There is also no telling how much of the drug will include toxic additives like carfentanil which is undetectable in drugs. Without testing every batch a person uses, they are unlikely to realize carfentanil is in their drugs. There is no way to test the purity of the substance and know for sure what is in them, which can be 10,000 times stronger than morphine. It is a powerful opioid that may prove lethal to humans in just the tiniest of doses.

Reversing Course

One of the challenges for people with addiction to heroin is that they may overdose when using it. Narcan, also known as naloxone, is used for people who overdose to reverse course and give them a second chance at life. A reversal kit is a way to help bring a loved one back from the brink of overdose, but just one or two doses are not enough to reverse an overdose. People who administer it to loved ones may not realize it can take a lot to reverse the effects of carfentanil and may do more harm to a loved one than they anticipated simply by trying to save their life.

With so much destruction caused by heroin use, it is necessary for a person to seek treatment with professionals to try and overcome the effects of addiction. Not only because of the potential for it to be lethal, but because of the long-term health and life complications a person faces with addiction. The more people expose themselves to the chance of taking carfentanil, the more they risk their very lives and the possibility of being unable to experience a life in recovery. Seeking help at a treatment center is the best chance at finding hope for healing after addiction to heroin and avoid the possibility of encountering carfentanil, which may well end up taking their life.

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