Gambling and trading have become synonymous since people began the practice of trading. That does not mean everyone does it, but the pursuit of money can become a goal for some people in trading, which can lead to gambling addiction. Gambling may be highly addictive for some people who do trading for a living or just do it for fun. Learn more about how addiction works in trading and how to seek help if you or a loved one are struggling.

Stock Trading Risks

Stock trading is all about high risk rewards. Reward-seeking behavior can evolve into addiction for some people who crave the ultimate high of making a high stakes trade that they believe will go well for them, or their customers. They may take on lots of debt to repay what they lose or gain lots of money, only to lose it on the next trade. This turns into a habit and preoccupation for their daily life. Day traders can find themselves waking up every single day living for the next trade they can make, going online, and working on the craft of trading. Even if they make lots of money, sometimes they turn to other means to make up for what they lose, whether it is their money, or other people’s money.

Trading vs. Gambling

Day trading is seen by some people as different than gambling. It relies on different mechanisms. Gambling is primarily under the influence of chance. The difference is dispelled when a person considers that many gamblers, or even lottery players, really believe they can win back what they lose. They may believe in their craft enough to think they can win lots of money, and perhaps they do. Despite having a great knack for it, the market can fluctuate as we saw with the recession and many people lost everything.

Finding Help

It is hard to ask for help when you feel underwater. Day trading, gambling, lottery ticket purchases are all part of a bigger challenge that can require help if it becomes out of control. The excitement and risk can become all too great for some people who fall into the trap of addiction. With this issue may also come mental health issues. It is important to seek help for co-occurring disorders so that you or a loved one can find the help they need. There is support out there for addiction, no matter who you are, your type of addiction, or struggles with mental health issues. Once you admit the need for help, you can seek the type of assistance that will support your journey of healing.

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