Drug dreams are not uncommon for people in recovery. Like regular dreams, they are a manifestation of the mind as it works to get rid of the toxic substances built up in the pathways of the brain and body. People in recovery may experience these vivid drug-related dreams that feel so real, they wake up wondering if they relapsed. Dreaming about past drug use can be disturbing for some people, which is why it is important to understand how they happen, why, and how to navigate them when they do.

What They Mean

Dreams about drug use can be stigmatizing for some who feel ashamed for even thinking about drugs or substances. They can intensify cravings for substances, but they may also have other meanings or be a way for the mind to deal with cravings to use again. A drug dream may be a way to think about past drug use, worries around it, and those repressed feelings that cannot be expressed while awake, Dreams about drugs will come to the surface as you begin to process through addiction and your body begins the healing journey. It is a natural process that may occur but it takes time to cope with the aftermath of the emotional aspects of how to deal with vivid, real-life scenarios that come back to haunt your dreams.

How to Respond

When you respond to a drug dream, the first thoughts may be anxious and fearful. It can be dread about going to sleep at night, leading to insomnia or trouble sleeping. These anxious feelings may lead to cravings for the drug and it can be hard to let go of the feelings associated with using substance sin that dream or feel like you can maintain sobriety after thinking about drug use again. The most appropriate response to dealing with drug dreams is to tell someone you know that is helping you with recovery. This might mean:

  • Telling accountability partners or sober friends about the dream
  • Working with therapists to detail what to do next with your thoughts and feelings
  • Going to recovery group to help you find healing

You are not weak because you have drug dreams. The reality is they are a manifestation of so many things happening to you in recovery. They may trigger cravings and cause you to struggle but you are not alone. If you have dreams, you can speak to someone about them and work out how best to navigate the challenges you’re facing. You may doubt sobriety but you can get help to find your center with the right mix of therapy, support, and medication. Don’t fear the challenges you face in recovery as they make you stronger, so long as you are willing to face them head on and learn from them.

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