Everyone has so much stimulation these days, which makes people feel like they are on edge all the time. Learning to focus is not just for anyone else’s benefit. Improved concentration and focus is important for so many people and for so many reasons. Learn how to deepen your own concentration in work and in life.

End Multitasking

When you are working on too many things at once, your concentration goes downhill quickly. It interrupts your flow and can take you up to 25 minutes to refocus on a task. Instead of giving into every whim you are thinking about, keep a notepad and not it down. Finish your work then return to the other thoughts later. Meditation is like this, also. It is helpful to get focused on one thing at a time. At the end of your workday, you can say you accomplished some things off the list. Add anything that needs doing to your priority list and don’t be afraid to let things go. Keep focused during the day and don’t let distractions take your mind away from what is important.

Bookend the Day

Gather thoughts at the beginning and end of the day so you can create to-do lists in the morning and evening. It is like having a clean desk to work from. Setting clearly defined plans for each day leaves less room for impromptu tasks to hijack your attention and decrease efficiency. Set goals for the day by spending 10 minutes with a planner or notepad of choice. There are tools for organizing daily goals with weekly rewards. Spend five minutes organizing priorities for the following day and setting goals. Doing this will free your mind from to-dos. Odds are good that getting a list together will help when ticking off each item and releasing those feel-good emotions.

Go Old School

Putting the phone away, getting away from screens, and focusing on one thing at a time is not a bad thing. If you are alone, connect with yourself. Challenge yourself to give up everything you think you need and focus on becoming better and stronger, more present in the moment. Start the practice as soon as you can. Put the phone on airplane mode, light a candle, and relish in the fact you are not going to be connected for awhile and can simply enjoy the little pleasures afforded you.

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