You have a reputation for being a hard worker. You always answer your boss’s emails, you’re always available to cover a shift and you always take exceptional care of your clients. But even though you love your job, the years of long hours and demanding responsibilities have added up. You felt stressed, even burned out, but you had to keep going. You started relying on a glass of wine to unwind every night, or maybe using a prescription to keep you focused. This became an essential part of your routine; when you skipped it, you slept badly or struggled through the day. Over time, the one glass turned into two and then three; the prescription strength increased, or maybe you even turned to illegal alternatives that packed a harder punch. You justified it by saying that if you really had a problem, you wouldn’t be able to hold a job or succeed professionally.

But the reality is that not everyone who struggles with substance abuse fits the stereotype of someone who has lost control of their life — people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol can be clean-cut, can act put together and can seem like they are successful. This group often has a hard time getting into treatment for their substance use problems; not only because they are difficult to identify, but because their lifestyle does not have room for a month or more away from work in a recovery program. Leaving a job for addiction treatment might mean the end of a career or might put a person’s family in financial trouble. These individuals need a specialized professionals program like the one we offer at A Step In The Right Direction.

Addiction Recovery for Professionals in Los Angeles 

At A Step In The Right Direction, we understand that not everyone can check in to full-time care and leave their life behind for a while. You need to get back to work; you need to keep your job and your professional relationships intact. But you still need treatment for your substance abuse, and we know that you deserve the same kind of high-quality, attentive and personalized care that people in residential programs receive.

Our premier addiction treatment center in Los Angeles offers outpatient drug rehabilitation that is ideally suited for the working professional. Our treatment center provides an effective and confidential solution, and also offers flexible treatment hours so you can work your recovery into your usual schedule with few disruptions.

We want you to know that we are here to help. If you feel like substance abuse is endangering your life and career or is a problem for someone you love, please call us for a no obligation, no pressure consultation. Our addiction recovery specialists can connect you with the treatment you need to rebuild your life.

Risk Factors for Substance Abuse Among Professionals

A multi-year survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has identified certain professions that are at a higher risk for developing a substance use disorder.

While anyone in a stressful or high-pressure job might be driven to use substances to cope, the SAMHSA report, released in 2012, indicated the top professions with high rates of substance abuse (over 10%):

  • Hospitality and food services
  • Construction and mining
  • Business management
  • Utilities services
  • Arts and entertainment

Other professions measured at greater than 5% included healthcare, insurance, real estate and transportation, among others. The reasons that some professions tend toward drug or alcohol abuse are myriad, but in general, many experts hypothesize that:

  • Some professions (e.g., business management, airline piloting or food services) are fast-paced, high-pressure and high-stress jobs where individuals develop substance use habits to find release on their off hours or to keep up while working.
  • Some professions (e.g., healthcare or the military) involve traumatic experiences like death and violence that can lead to substance abuse as a coping mechanism.
  • Some professions (e.g., construction, mining or utilities) involve long hours and extensive travel that lead to substance abuse, or involve working in remote areas where drugs or alcohol are more common.

SAMHSA also notes that both alcohol and illicit drugs are abused approximately equally by individuals in working professions: annually and on average, 8.7 percent of adult full-time workers were heavy alcohol users, while 8.6 percent were illicit drug users. 

Who is the Professionals Program For? 

Our professionals program is designed for licensed, executive and career professionals across all industries. Our program has successfully treated individuals with diverse careers including pilots, nurses and doctors, insurance professionals, military servicemen and women, accountants and stock traders. If you or someone you care about is developing a problematic relationship with drugs or alcohol due to work-related pressures, our program might be right for you. The professionals program at A Step In The Right Direction is designed to accommodate busy schedules and help clients find a new way forward with a healthier, substance-free approach to their work and their life.

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What to Expect 

The approach we take at A Step In The Right Direction is evidence-based, personalized and designed to help prepare our clients for day-to-day living and real recovery for a successful future. Our treatment staff includes highly regarded psychiatrists, counselors, therapists and leadership. Many of our staff members have personal experience in recovery, and that experience adds deep empathy and compassion when it comes to helping our clients overcome their addictions and get their lives back on track.

Program Schedule

Our programming for professionals offers flexible evening and weekend scheduling tailored to each client upon admission. The groups, counseling and therapy sessions in our professionals program are all offered from 6pm-9pm at night Monday through Friday so you can remain in your career while receiving the high-quality professional addiction treatment you need. Our world-class staff psychiatrist, Dr. Thor Reyes, meets our professional clients as late as 8pm or as early as 7am and even on Saturdays to keep your treatment on track, accessible and manageable. 

Customized Evaluation and Treatment Planning

A Step In The Right Direction offers a personalized evaluation for professionals to help determine the best course of action. Once we have a treatment program in place, we offer evening therapy groups and meetings to allow you to work and take care of yourself in the most discreet way possible. Our programming deals with themes and topics unique to the experiences of working professionals, including work/life balance, time management, stress management, burnout, family life and more. In addition, our programs address not only substance abuse such as drug and alcohol addiction, but also address some secondary issues such as mental health and trauma that influence an individual’s decision-making in the long run. By considering more than just the symptoms of addiction, we set our clients up for lifelong success in making positive choices. The program’s safe, supportive and personalized environment is the ideal space to begin recovery and get started back on the right path. 

Our Team of Experts

The team involved in our professionals’ program includes:

  • Life Coach: Our Certified Professional Life Coach has years of experience helping people identify and change the negative behavior patterns that are holding them back from achieving their potential.
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselor: The professionals group facilitator is a specialized drug and alcohol counselor who has also started several successful companies, bringing personal executive and professional experience to the role to provide the best possible guidance to our clients.
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: Our certified therapist has experience with professionals and can guide you to process and explore the parts of your job or life which need adjustments to stay clean and sober while reintegrating.
  • Psychiatrist: Dr. Thor Reyes is a licensed clinical psychiatrist affiliated with the prestigious Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Southern California. He has decades of experience as an addiction specialist.

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If you or your loved one needs help for their addiction but feels unable to seek treatment due to their professional life, we are here to help. With A Step In The Right Direction, you can find the strength to take control of your life, create and practice healthy behavior patterns and build a support network to give you a new beginning. With our professionals program for addiction recovery in Northridge, California, you can get clean and sober without sacrificing your career or your livelihood. Contact A Step In The Right Direction today to get started.

Begin again and start your sober journey today.


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