With one in every 13 adults in the United States suffering from an alcohol problem, individualized care is becoming increasingly important. At a Step in the Right Direction, we understand that the reasons behind alcohol addiction vary between individuals. As one of the few alcohol recovery facilities in Los Angeles and even in the U.S. with JCAHO accreditation, we provide custom individualized plans for each of our clients. In doing so, we believe we boost their chances of becoming and staying sober.

While many people know that programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous exist, they may not see the benefits that come with unique care. Understanding why it’s important can help alcoholics and their families make the right choices when it comes to choosing recovery plans.

Understanding the reasons for a person’s addiction is challenging

While research continues, few scientists understand the biological mechanisms behind an individual’s addiction forming process. What we do know is that drinking alcohol triggers activity in the brain’s reward center. Later, the person experiencing those activities may crave them and seek them again.

Naturally, drinking more to satisfy the reward center leads to an alcohol tolerance. From there, the individual who drinks heavily will need more alcohol. As we’re aware, not everyone who builds an alcohol tolerance will go on to develop an addiction. As a result, it’s important to understand that each person may have unique drivers in the following formats:

  • Genetics, as there is evidence supporting the idea that genetics plays a role in addiction
  • Childhood development, particularly if an addict spent their formative years with an alcoholic
  • Emotional and social influences, such as who an alcoholic spends their time around
  • Other psychological and psychiatric factors, including the aftermath of tragic life events

When we consider all of the above, we have to accept that understanding the reasons for a person’s addiction is complex. Therefore, we need to assess them carefully and form a treatment plan accordingly.

How unique treatment plans result in success

At A Step in the Right Direction, we provide individualized treatment plans that take an intense approach. Our JCAHO accreditation means that an eminent external body views our approach to delivering a high standard of patient care. We’re patient-focused and we involve multiple healthcare professionals when treating each person.

But, how does this result in higher success rates than taking a standard approach?

Assessing the severity and cause of a problem is the only sensible route to recovery

As with any area of medicine, it’s not possible to throw a patient into treatment without performing diagnostic tests. Alcohol addiction treatment is no different. Using the skills of doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists who have enviable alcoholism detox expertise, we determine why someone has an addiction. From there, we can unpick the causes and begin entering them into a Partial Hospitalization Program that addresses their unique factors.

No two individuals are the same

In all aspects of our lives, we will differ from the person next to us. Our differences become all the more important when it comes to alcohol recovery. For example, if one patient continues with their addiction because the people surrounding them are also addicts, we can focus on removing them from such environments. Then, if the next struggles because of unresolved traumas, our therapies will hone in on them and attempt to prevent self-medication.

With a luxury and bespoke approach, our JCAHO Accredited alcohol recovery center in Los Angeles avoids providing the wrong treatment to the wrong person. To draw parallels with other aspects of patient care, doing so is similar to finding the right antibiotic for a bacterial disease.

Take The First Step

Take The First Step

Individualized plans lead to better life-coping skills

When we understand why one of our patients isn’t coping, we work towards our ultimate goal: enhancing their life-coping strategies so that they no longer need to self-medicate. While acting from points of empathy and compassion, we’re able to achieve sobriety, heal those we care for and prevent relapses.

Due to the biological and emotional complexities of alcohol addiction recovery, we take custom-tailored care seriously. In some cases, we also offer substance abuse therapy alongside alcohol rehab in the Los Angeles area, especially if there’s a severe risk of relapse.

If you would like to know more about A Step in the Right Direction’s approach, contact us.


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