Most people have heard that drug abuse is bad and harmful but ‘abuse’ being part of that phrase does not stop people from becoming addicted. A lot of people do not realize just how dangerous it is, both to the person and the others who surround them. Drug abuse is not just about one person, it is about the millions who suffer and how it impacts others as a result of choices, decisions, and behaviors which have far reaching impact.

Knowledge is Power

The more people understand the power of knowledge in battling drug addiction and abuse, the better off everyone will be in protecting themselves and loved ones from the ravages of substances.

  • You are hurt physically. Drug abuse literally does harm to the body. Lung and cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancers, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis B and C are just a few of the issues people may have from using drugs.
  • It hurts job performance and prospects. No matter what kind of drugs people do, it has serious consequences for job prospects. In the short term, impaired judgment and lack of sleep from drug use can make you perform poorly duties you may otherwise excel at doing. In the long run, desperation from addiction can lead to stealing, lying, excessive absences, and other undependable behaviors employers may find unacceptable.
  • Hurts mental health. In addition to impact on physical health, drug abuse takes a serious toll on mental health. Depression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, and insomnia all stem from drug abuse. In some cases, the issues cannot be reversed if a person stops using drugs.
  • Harm done to finances. Drugs cost money. The more a person spends, the more a person will need to make to recoup the costs. When a person has a hard time maintaining a job it can be difficult to overcome the serious negative impacts on a person’s financial future.
  • Harms freedom now and in the future. Difficulty with finances, keeping a job, and mental health problems are all issues that may land a person in jail. Stealing and doing unlawful things can make many aspects of life challenging for a person.
  • Harms relationships. Healthy romantic relationships are built on a foundation of trust. Drug abuse commonly leads people to engage in deceitful behaviors which breach the trust. Dishonesty about money spent on drugs, lying, or not being forthcoming can destroy relationships. It also can do irreparable harm to friendships. Having a short temper, lack of patience, decreased interest in others, and self-serving habits are prevalent issues negatively impacting friendships and relationships.
  • Harm to community. Communities which struggle with drug use and abuse tend to reflect the problem negatively. This includes more instances of prostitution, other criminal behaviors that threaten the safety of others and also the security of the community is at stake.

Relationships are central to making a healthy recovery but it may take restoring them and finding ways of rebuilding them that is challenging. There is hope and healing in recovery but it takes some time and concerted effort to make the shift.

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