Meth addiction is difficult to work through without the help of professionals who understand the way it impacts the brain and body. It is no longer a drug that just impacts people who are poor, as per the myth, it is a drug that is sweeping professional circles. People are losing their jobs careers, relationships, and lives to methamphetamine addiction. Find out how and why meth addiction is hitting professionals so hard and how to support a loved one who may be struggling. 

Drugs Without Boundaries

Meth is a drug that takes no prisoners. It does not ask questions, it merely takes people in and keeps them in its grip until they can be freed. Millions of people struggle with meth use, meaning money is going to the pockets of people selling them the drug and continuing the cycle of addiction. The development of meth started at the turn of the 20th century. Japan created a form of the drug that was more powerful, called meth, which was labeled a schedule 2 drug because it had little medical use. Powerful stimulant effects are the main reason people use it, but they sustain addiction because their brains and bodies demand it of them. It is widely available and cheap to purchase and produce. Breaking the habit takes strong willpower and even stronger detox and recovery programs. Meth has eclipsed cocaine in distribution and revenue. It is a drug that has no boundaries.

Social Media Influence

With the advent of social media and the internet, people can use cellphones and social media to go after drugs so easily. Selling and purchasing drugs is being done on the open internet. Even while people experience severe physical effects, they are so addicted they come back for more, craving more of the drug beyond their control. The issue is becoming such a struggle that social media companies are checking policies and reviewing their programs to see how and why people use their sites for distribution of these drugs and how to put a stop to them. 

Economic Shifts

Women have entered the workforce in droves in recent decades and, with it, working mothers have seen a spike in meth use. Particularly professional women who are working longer hours, juggling motherhood, and responsibilities at home. They are not able to stop using the drug because they feel they can accomplish more while using it, even if it devastates their lives. Professional men are also at risk as they are using the drug for similar reasons: to cope with the stress of work and finding that it only makes it harder for them to focus and concentrate. Online resources are a great place to guide and help them. Health coverage is available to help people who use meth find treatment and recovery. There is hope and help for people who use meth and want to quit. There will be withdrawal and detox to complete, but doing so will help a person navigate the challenges of rehab in a supportive environment where they can recover their lives and finally heal from the ravages of addiction. 

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