Life does not always go as planned. Sometimes we find ourselves in a bind of our making by way of addiction. It does not take much for things to spiral down once we fall into addiction. Everything from work to relationships and personal health can suffer. Still, in recovery, there are myriad opportunities to learn gratitude for the journey and where we have landed at this moment. Here is how to say ‘thank you’ to the old addiction and capture a moment of grace.

Life’s Detours

When a detour in life happens via addiction, it can be inside the four walls of a jail or prison, or happen some other way that we don’t expect. Perhaps we lose a job or a loved one’s respect and relationship because they have finally had enough (for real this time). Drinking and using drugs takes a toll on everyone, not just the person with addiction. Sometimes a detour is what it takes to get back on the road to recovery again.

A New Outlook

After years of being clean and sober, you start to get a clear picture and perspective of what life is going to look like and what it looked like back then. Appreciating the journey substance abuse has you on can help you lead a life that is filled with gratitude more than regret. To try and get to this point, it takes some perspective:

  • Realizing who your friends are. When you are hitting rock bottom or just trying to figure things out when addiction gets really bad, you realize who is truly there for you. A handful of people may reach out and offer to help, those who have not stepped aside, and are the true, blue friends. You learn your true friends when you hit rock-bottom.
  • Ditch the self pity. Even if you want to feel sorry for yourself, it does not do any good to focus on it or whatever anyone else has. The constant resentment and injustice you may feel can help you look for an escape to numb it all but it is not going to solve the problem.
  • Gratitude for life. You may have taken your life for granted when you were addicted to drugs or alcohol. Perhaps you lost your freedom and went to jail, lost possessions, friends, or even had health complications as a result of addiction. It helps to look at your life as if you have a second chance. A second chance to do better and become a better person.

Whatever it takes to turn your life around is better than not looking at life with any gratitude at all. All it takes is saying thanks to an addiction which took your life in unexpected directions and pathways. It may not be where you intended to go (or end up) but you are here now and you can cultivate gratitude where you are, with what you have, and feel thankful for that no matter what the past held in store.

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