Clean eating is a new trend these days. It seems everyone is talking about it and how to do it right, or do it well, depending on who is talking about it. Basically, it is just about eating healthy, nutritious foods that are natural and holistic for the body. Selecting ethical and sustainable foods is also part of clean eating. Learn more about how it works and why it can help your recovery from addiction.

Fruits and Veggies

Vegetables and fruits and healthy for everyone to be eating. Fiber, vitamins, minerals, and plants can help battle inflammation and protect cells from damage. Choosing organic produce can help take clean eating one step further. Try these tips:

  • Look at the color of your foods. Select three veggies in addition to greens to ‘clean up’ your plate
  • Don’t be afraid of fruit. It has some sugar but that is okay to use sparingly
  • Chop veggies and toss them with olive oil to avoid sugary sauces

Watch Processed Foods

In recovery, you need to be mindful of processed foods. Most processed foods have some fiber and nutrients but they may also have sugar. Watch labels and read carefully what is in the foods you eat. If you are overeating processed, canned, or boxed foods, try to incorporate foods from the produce section and see how that can help boost nutrients and vitamins in your diet.

Packaged Goods

Snacks that come prepackaged usually come loaded with sugar and carbs. Crackers, muffins, granola bars, and snack foods can come with unhealthy ingredients. If you avoid these processed foods, you avoid the lack of nutrition in them and trade them for healthier alternatives. To avoid grabbing these items when you are hungry between meals, make sure to have healthy snacks on hand. Some good options include veggies, fruits, and varied nuts.

The reason clean eating is making a comeback is in resistance to the overabundance of fast food, and fast food culture, that has overtaken society. People are ‘too busy’ to eat healthy. There are some healthier, quick-eating, options, but making food at home is always healthier than eating out. The key is to find what works for your schedule, budget, and nutritional needs. When you learn how to cook and eat clean, you may never look at processed foods the same way again.

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