Positive thinking can be overrated to some extent, because it can get to a place where people believe if you just think positive thoughts, good things will happen. There are benefits to having a positive mindset for overall health, but an optimistic outlook may actually be good for the heart. Learn more about why seeing on the bright side can be a good thing for cardiovascular health and how to tap into its benefits.

Optimism Studies

Over the past several years, there is evidence to suggest optimism is associated with a lower risk of heart disease and better heart health. Those who were more optimistic were less likely to suffer from heart disease or stroke-related death after eight years some studies have found recently. Optimism is having a sense of hope, regardless of life’s circumstances. This means having confidence in the future and a positive attitude towards life. When people feel they are moving forward in life, have goals, and have a sense of purpose, they may be more likely to feel optimistic.

Reasons to Smile

When people want to feel better, friends or family may tell them to smile and see if it changes their perspective. Positive thinking is linked to how the body is responding, including body position, posture, even smiling. Staying active and healthy can improve overall health. It is possible that optimism works through things like social relationships which impact overall mental health and boost mood. Isolation can be detrimental to a person’s recovery, but having a few close friends and people to socialize with can be healing.

Heart Health

Heart health goes beyond just improving the well-being of a person’s heart physically. Emotionally, people feel more connected when they have a network of people for support, they are physically active, and feel a sense of purpose. Psychological well-being is important to heart health because depression, anxiety, and mental health issues can tax the heart over the long term. Intervention programs may strengthen psychological well-being. Included in this are mindfulness programs, smoking cessation, healthy eating, and doing activities like yoga. Life purpose programs for palliative care have led to improvements in mental health, so it goes to say that people in recovery from addiction may also benefit from learning more about their life goals and purpose.

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