Whether you’ve been mandated into anger management class now or in the past, the truth is you probably did not like going. You may have been arrested while under the influence or told you were mandated to attend. You might wonder what to expect and, even now, if you go for the first time, you may be nervous wondering what will happen. There are different ways a class may be held. Anger management classes aim to teach people the skills they need to regulate emotions and calm themselves down.


Attending a class may feel intimidating at first. You could learn valuable life skills to help you regain control of your emotions so anger does not cause problems in your life. Anger management classes may be taken by anyone who wants to get a better handle on their anger. A partner who says mean things, a mother who yells a lot, a supervisor who blows up at their kids. Someone who has an addiction and got into trouble is not the only one who needs help managing anger issues but it is possible this has gotten you into trouble. They are court ordered and they may manage class as part of a custody agreement.

Classes or Therapy

Many anger management classes are more like educational classes rather than a group therapy. A trained instructor walks participants through a series of anger management strategies. Armed with new strategies to help them manage their emotions and curb aggressive behavior, participants can reduce aggressive behavior and reduce anger in their lives. Anger management can be taught in individual therapy. Individual therapy can offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling and provides individual attention.


There are many different curriculum used in anger management classes. Most of them are based on cognitive behavioral therapy strategies. Cognitive behavioral approach to anger management involves teaching people to recognize the warning signs. The teaching consists of relaxation and calming strategies along with behavioral shifts to address changes in a positive way. Classes are usually small. Completion of class may result in a certificate of completion. Members are given a workbook to work through and homework assignments.

Getting Hep

Attending an anger management class could help you gain better control over anger. Finding a class feel a bit overwhelming when you are not sure what to expect. Your doctor may be able to help you locate classes if you need support. A mental health agency or recovery center for addiction and rehab can also provide support for your journey of healing.

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