Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that people still use today to help people who are suffering from different ailments like back pain, headaches, and post-operative nausea. Acupuncture can also help people who are struggling with one of the nation’s biggest problems facing people of all ages: addiction.

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine treatment option that focuses on stimulating points on the body with needles. They are specially designed needles to go into the points on the body that help relieve pain, or treat physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

Treating Addiction

Acupuncture treatment for addiction goes back to the 1970s when treatment and recovery centers offered treatment plants that included the practice to alleviate stress and anxiety. People who get this treatment typically also get other treatments alongside it including counseling, education, family involvement, and medical care. One of the challenges of treating addiction with acupuncture is that it is almost always supplementary for a person in rehab. They will need to have other treatments and options to pursue while in recovery.


Evidence supports the effectiveness of specific professional counseling and therapy techniques including medications approved by the USFDA to treat certain forms of addiction. The use of acupuncture or other alternative interventions in addition to treatment for addiction can be the best alternative to an effective solution to addiction recovery. Techniques should be applied by practitioners who understand both addiction and acupuncture and have spent time treating people with these conditions (including mental health). When a person focuses on a holistic recovery, they may find treatments in other modalities to be more effective.

For people who are struggling in recovery from addiction, there are many holistic treatments to consider. Acupuncture is one of the least invasive and supportive treatments that people can add onto their protocol for recovery. It should never replace treating physician’s advice, psychiatry, or therapeutic support (including medication) for addiction, withdrawal, detox, or other symptoms. People who are in a treatment center which provides this option may be the best place to receive care for rehab with acupuncture.

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