Self-expression is key to feeling healthy and able to navigate recovery well. It is a great gift that comes from the journey of healing. It may not look like you think it will, but it looks like it should. If you are not sure why you are here now, or if you wonder where to go from here, why not try writing your way through recovery. Try these tips to get started. 

Just Begin

There is no right place to go when writing about things that happened to you, past, present, or desires for the future. Even if you have no clue where to start, here are some prompts to get you going:

  • Find a time each day to write
  • Begin with feeling words
  • List 3 things to be grateful for
  • Write 5 things you are not proud of 
  • Write 5 things you’ve done that you’re most proud of

When you think about your journey, there will be things you did you are not proud of, but you can turn it around and then write what you are most proud of. This is one way to highlight your journey in a new way. You have been taking care of yourself in recovery, which is an act of self-care that many are too afraid to take. Congratulate yourself on that and write about what that journey means to you. It starts by recognizing you did one thing right today (maybe more), which was to show up, stay sober, and write. 

Use Writing as a Catalyst

Writing has a way to connect your physical body with your mind. Before you write, you might feel like you are swimming in the ocean. Don’t numb those things out. Write, and write as much as possible. Look inside and don’t be afraid of what you find. Once you begin unpacking, you’ll see what makes you tick. Other than trauma and past issues, there may be other surprising moments that come up when writing. Some tips:

  • Get creative with journals that let you write, draw, and go outside the lines
  • Get a book that has no lines
  • Join a writing group
  • Meet with a therapist that encourages creativity and writing as part of the process

When meeting with a therapist, they can help look at your writing in new ways and support your journey of discovery along with the work you are doing therapeutically. 

Consider the peaceful side of writing, as well. Pen, paper, computer, however, it looks to you, the goal is to keep writing. Even if your words come out fast and furious, just a few minutes will do. Writing is a powerful tool in maintaining recovery. Think about how to use it to the fullest and experience joy along with the writing of the words and let it surprise you on the journey as you go forward in recovery. 

A Step in the Right Direction provides quality care for clients seeking support for addiction recovery. We use lots of techniques and encourage writing, along with other therapeutic work, to guide your experience of leaving addiction in the past. It is not easy, but it is for those who decide to accept it. For more information on sober living programs for men and women as well as recovery programs, call (877) 377-3702