Women are at risk of having addiction issues as much as men are, but opioids seem to be taking their toll lately. Chronic pain is difficult to treat and opioids have been the drug of choice for some time. Women are part of a growing trend when it comes to opioid abuse and dependence. Find out why they are struggling and how to offer support.

What is Happening

Women are more likely to develop substance use disorder than men but are turning to opioids more often to treat chronic pain and other issues. Women’s bodies experience opioid use differently than men as they are more likely to suffer chronic pain or become patients who need prescription drugs. Dependency on opioids is more likely for women and they generally use them longer than men do. Common opioid drugs they use include:

  • Hydrocodone
  • Meperidine
  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone
  • Codeine
  • Fentanyl

There are myriad reasons for women experience drug abuse in general, but opioids seem to be where they turn for treating symptoms of emotional trauma and a history of abuse.

Opioid Use for Trauma and Neglect

Emotions tend to be where women struggle more than men. While men may experience stress at work or in their personal lives and turn to drink or substances to calm themselves, women often turn to substances to fight back against negative emotions. This includes mental, physical, and even sexual abuse, neglect, or trauma they experienced in the past. Women who experienced trauma as children or domestic violence are more likely to become dependent on drugs or alcohol. 

Seeking Help

The reality of addiction is that it hits all demographics. Many women who suffer from opioid abuse seem less stable in their housing or educational levels, women who abuse opioids are more likely to be homeless and need supportive services to get back on their feet. There are also high-functioning women with opioid addiction who are working in professional careers while hiding substance abuse. The cycle of abuse impacts women of all ages and income levels. Treatment based recovery programs for women are able to focus on their specific needs and offer the help they are desperately seeking to get on their feet, return to their families, and provide support for their unique journey of healing. 

A Step in the Right Direction provides space for women to experience healing from addiction. We understand the pain and trauma women face and their unique needs in recovery. Our goal is to provide a safe place for you to find healing. For more information, sober living programs for men and women as well as recovery programs, call (877) 377-3702