Men and women drink for different reasons. The gender gap between how and why people drink is closing, however, as more women struggle with alcoholism. This narrows the gap as they begin to experience more of what men have struggled with regarding addiction. Many women experience similar stresses at work with their jobs or being the caregiver of their children while managing a household. Stress, anxiety, and other issues begin to surface, driving women to find ways of coping, which sometimes land them inside a bottle of alcohol to drown and numb the challenges. Find out why women are drinking more and how to offer support for recovery.

Sociable Ladies

One of the reasons women have a hard time admitting their addiction or being discovered for addictive behaviors is they are typically more social than men when it comes to relationships. Women generally tend to also experience more mental illness and challenges to mental health than men. They may be less likely to reach out and ask for help because of their struggles when it is combined with addiction. To support women on the journey of recovery, it is important to understand that they want to socialize at work an in their personal lives, so they may be more likely to move towards drinking behaviors that get out of control behind the scenes under the guise of sociability.

Impact of Drinking Behavior

When women drink, they are not like men. People who drink are able to handle alcohol at different levels, not all are the same. The risk of developing a dependency on alcohol or other issues is high. Women can be far more greatly impacted than men for various reasons, including:

  • Risk of sexual assault while under the influence
  • Higher risk of liver, brain, or heart disease
  • Mental health issues more likely
  • Difficulty asking for help because of caregiving roles in the family and with kids

Helping Women Help Themselves

Women in treatment have needs that can be met in unique ways without stigmatizing their recovery. Helping women means getting her into treatment that supports her challenges and situation while understanding her need for dual diagnosis treatment and other things she requires. To get the most from rehab, she will need to accept and decide she is ready, but, mostly, she will need the support of family, friends, and loved ones to journey through rehab to recovery. 

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