Even though everyone desires happiness, it comes to everyone differently. Recovery is not an easy road by any means. Perceived measures of ‘happiness’ are best left in the past because it is challenging to put that much pressure on an experience. Find some tips on what it means to discover happiness in recovery that sticks around for the long haul. 

Gratitude Matters

Gratitude is the top of the heap when it comes to finding happiness. It helps people feel more positive emotions, build strong relationships, and develop good experiences. There are apps, journals, and other ways to practice gratitude, but the goal is to just do it. Every single day there is at least one thing to be thankful for, other than sobriety. Focus on the positive, and put energy into building those things. It might just change recovery. 


Exercise is a great endorphin release. This natural high in the body is mimicked by drugs, but it is a healthier way to get the body’s brain going and improve focus. Not only is it easier to concentrate, but it is also better for mood. When reaching certain milestones, you will feel more accomplished, which empowers you to believe that sobriety is not unattainable and there is room to feel joy for the journey. 


Holding grudges can hurt the person holding them, but also others for whom forgiveness has not been given. Letting go of pain and resentment toward yourself and others lifts a weight from the mind and body while clearing a pathway for happiness. Forgiveness is a journey of a lifetime, it is never fully complete. 

Give Up Social Media

For some, social media is a healthy outlet to check in with online groups, sober friends, and loved ones. For others, it can be a place that brings out negativity, vitriol, and sad news that can take a person’s mental health down. Technology has infiltrated everyone’s lives, permeating their sleep, their relationships, and even becoming its own addiction. It is overwhelming to keep up with everything. Stepping away can actually give people a chance to be present to what comes up and give them a chance to be present to whatever situation they’re in. Taking ‘social media breaks’ can be healthy, or even going on sabbatical from it for a while, if not altogether. It depends on people and how they view its use, but it can be worth trialing this notion if it means gaining more happiness down the road. 

Change is hard, but not impossible. Personal change happens one step at a time. Recovery teaches that it is possible to make giant leaps with small steps. To find true happiness, it is about making progress that supports growth, not perfection. The more you grow, the more you connect to that inner space that cultivates happiness and joy. 

A Step in the Right Direction helps you embrace vulnerability by providing space for you to show up and be authentically yourself. If you are struggling with finding joy or happiness in recovery, or just need to admit the need to quit drugs, we are here to help you. For more information on sober living programs for men and women as well as recovery programs, call (877) 377-3702