The human brain responds to beer in different ways, depending on who you are. Scientists are thinking that there is a genetic component of addiction. A report released recently looked at whether the taste of beer releases dopamine in the brain. This feel-good chemical triggers feelings of happiness and joy to repeat the experience. Individuals who have relatives with alcoholism have larger amounts of dopamine released in the brain when drinking than those people who did not have a close relative with alcoholism. 

Dependency Signs

Alcohol dependence is a challenge because it does not go away. It happens before a person realizes it has happened. The consequences start to pile up and people realize that they cannot fight this alone without help. People with dependency usually experience:

  • Difficulty stopping with just one drink
  • Are unable to attend social functions without alcohol
  • Lose interest in pretty much everything they used to enjoy or have little interest in anything else
  • Interruption of school or work performance

When dependency starts, it can begin with as little as a taste of something sweet that hits the brain and creates that dependency feeling in the body and brain. 

Flavor and Addiction

The challenge for people with addiction is to realize that they have been marketed by companies that want to make a profit, not caring if people’s lives are impacted. The flavor of alcohol is created intentionally to hit the parts of the brain that will trigger it to decide to really love that feeling and sensation, then to become dependent on that sensation to feel good or mask other feelings. This can be a very painful process for people to navigate through once addiction takes hold. There is nothing more difficult than feeling like a situation is hopeless. The thing to remember is:

  • A support network is the most helpful thing to have in recovery
  • Letting go of denial takes time
  • Facing addiction takes persistence and diligence

There is no way to face addiction without admitting a problem exists. There are a lot of difficulties for people who remain addicted. Unless they are willing to let go, they will continue the path of destruction until they quit or serious consequences force them to quit. Even if marketing companies are out there placing ads and trying to get people to drink, there is the responsibility for one’s actions that are required and need to take place for someone to have a healthy relationship with alcohol or quit altogether and seek help for addiction.

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