There are different ways people struggle with addiction. Often, sugar is not the first thing people think about. When it comes to alcoholism, sugar is on the bottom of the list of reasons why it can be detrimental to a person’s health. The mixer a person chooses can increase intoxication levels of the person who drinks. This may include a drink with diet soda, which actually is more intoxicating when mixed with alcohol than regular soda. Find out why, when people go to rehab, they learn the benefits of being sugar-free as well as free of alcoholism in recovery.

Sugar’s Impact on Alcohol

What people choose to mix their alcohol with matters. When mixing drinks, there could be consequences they are not thinking about. It is not just drinking straight liquor from the bottle, it is also about drinking liquor that has alcohol mixed with sugar that can drive a whole host of other issues. Whether the issue is binge drinking, chronic use of alcohol, or driving under the influence, some people may not consider the true impact of sugar consumption on their drinking behavior. Some facts to consider:

  • Alcohol alone is empty calories
  • A pint of cider can have up to five teaspoons of sugar (about as much as a person should consume in a day)
  • Alcohol can negatively alter blood sugar levels
  • Too muh sugar can lead to excessive weight gain
  • Heart disease and diabetes are also concerns with too much sugar
  • Sugar is a major cause of tooth decay

Alcohol and Blood Sugar

The high sugar content is not the only thing impacted. Drinking to excess has been shown to have a negative impact on blood sugar. When a person drinks alcohol, the body responds to it as a toxin. This channels all the energy into expelling it from the body. Glucose production is disrupted as a result. Blood sugar levels spike when drinking, but adding in sugary drinks like soda can double the impact, which has a whammy effect on the body over time. As for blood sugar, excessive drinking may be dangerous for people who develop diabetes or already have it. Hypoglycemic medications are less effective, as well. Alcohol with high sugar content can lead to hypoglycemia unawareness. People with diabetes suffer and will not notice the signs of low blood sugar.

Cutting Back Sugar and Alcohol

The only way to address the issue of sugar in alcohol and in other beverages is to cut them out of a person’s life. Drinking too much alcohol is dehydrating and consuming soda is not healthy, either. When a person switches to low alcohol drinks, they are often lighter, healthier alternatives to a beverage and can help a person keep sugar consumption in check. Food helps slow down the rate at which a body absorbs alcohol, meaning glucose production is not impacted as dramatically. The only way to fully curb drinking behavior if it is truly an issue where a person cannot stop drinking is to seek help for addictive behaviors in rehab. This will help cut drinking out and may even cut down on excess sugar consumption from soda and save a person’s health overall.

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