Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

Your home should be a safe place. Home is somewhere you go when you need to escape the rush and stress of the outside world, when you want to unwind or be surrounded by people who care about you. The idea of home evokes feelings of comfort, warmth and relief. 

In addiction recovery, it is especially important that your home provides this sense of stability and ease. You need a place you can go that will always be a sober and supportive environment — after a long or difficult day, when life gets stressful or whenever you feel close to relapse, home should be protected from temptation and filled with people who are ready to provide help and encouragement. If you have been living in a place that does not provide an environment like this, sober living at A Step in the Right Direction can change that. Here, residents share their experiences, their strength and their hope with each other and empower one another in recovery. Our men’s sober living home is warm, inviting, pet-friendly and community-oriented. 

Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

Our men’s sober living home is brand new and provides a safe, clean and supportive living space for men who are serious about their recovery. Located in Winnetka, a beautiful suburb of Los Angeles, our men’s luxury sober house comfortably accommodates up to eight men. Our home is spacious and updated with modern amenities. Our sober living homes, including our men’s house, are also pet-friendly — we know the therapeutic value that companion animals can offer, and we do not want to separate the men in our sober living programs from their pets.

We nurture a strong sense of community in our sober living homes, including in our men’s house. Sober living with A Step in the Right Direction offers peer-to-peer support, which increases the odds that our residents stay clean and sober long-term. Regular house meetings, dinners, and group-scheduled men’s activities foster a strong brotherhood that supports healthy living and long-term recovery.

Our Men’s Sober Living Amenities:

  • Pet-Friendly
  • Weekly House Dinners
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Big Screen TV
  • Weekly House Meetings
  • Private/Semi-Private Rooms
  • Wi-Fi

Who Is Men’s Sober Living For? 

Our men’s sober living home is an option for adult men over the age of 18 who are seeking a comfortable, high-quality sober living environment in the Los Angeles area. Our luxury men’s home is in the quiet, upscale Winnetka neighborhood near our central outpatient location in Northridge. It is ideal for men who have recently completed a recovery program and are beginning the transition back into independent life, or for men who have been in recovery for some time and are interested in moving into sober living. Men may also choose to live in our sober living home while attending our intensive outpatient treatment program. 

Men in our sober living homes attend work or school, learn to care for themselves and their space, practice life skills like time and money management and have access to recovery resources in the surrounding neighborhoods. We take care to admit men to our programs who we believe will contribute positively to our community. We want to foster a safe and supportive environment, and we admit residents who will uphold these values. We look for men who are open-minded and able to get along well with others. In our men’s sober living, residents are expected to:

  • Adhere to house rules
  • Participate in general household upkeep
  • Be respectful of their housemates and the common areas
  • Do their own shopping and meal preparation
  • Have their own means of transportation (public transportation is available nearby)

In addition, if you have a pet, our sober living homes are for you! Finding housing with a pet can be a challenge, but you should not need to give up your companion animal to find the sober living environment that you need. We offer pet-friendly sober living and we welcome pets of many types and sizes. Please contact us to learn more.

If you are currently addicted to or using drugs/alcohol and need a structured, supportive living environment like our sober living in unison with a detox or treatment program please feel free to contact our team for more information and to learn more about your options in the Northridge and Los Angeles area.

How Long Can I Stay in Sober Living? 

Sober living at A Step in the Right Direction is designed to be an extended, though not permanent, living situation. Most of the men in our programs are transitioning out of a residential program in our area. They often choose to stay in our sober living house for a few months while they get back on their feet and adjust to everyday life after rehabilitation. We do not place hard limits on how long men can stay in sober living; everyone moves through recovery at a different pace. We are here to support you on your journey, not rush you through it.

The goal of sober living is to help you establish yourself as an independent, sober man. Sober living provides a stable environment while you adjust to a lifestyle free from drugs or alcohol and as you reintegrate into the swing of daily life. We want you to feel confident in yourself and your sobriety so that you can create your own safe space outside of our walls.

Addiction Recovery with A Step in the Right Direction

A Step in the Right Direction addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of men seeking recovery from substance abuse near Los Angeles, CA. Our tranquil, supportive and structured sober living environment helps men restore their confidence and rebuild their lives through comfort, community and security. Please contact us today to learn more about program availability — we offer both private and shared rooms and admit up to eight men at a time.

A Step in the Right Direction also provides sober living for women — learn more on our Women’s Sober Living page.

Call us at (877) 377-3702 to find out more about our programs and to start the next phase of your recovery with us.

Begin again and start your sober journey today.


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