Rehab For Working Professionals In Los Angeles

Addiction Treatment For Working Professionals

Our luxury addiction treatment center offers outpatient drug rehabilitation that are ideally suited for the working professional such as licensed, executive and career professionals reaching across all industries. Our treatment center offers a discrete and confidential solution for high-profile clients and people desiring more amenities and privacy.

We are here to help. If you feel like substance abuse is endangering your life and career or those of someone you love, please call us for a no obligation, no high-pressure consultation. Our addiction recovery specialists can connect you with the treatment you need to rebuild your life.

One way we specialize in serving addicted professionals is by ensuring your discretion and comfort – we accommodate by offering separate groups specifically for professionals that will help address addiction in the areas of substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol as well as some secondary issues such as mental health and trauma in a personalized environment that will help support their recovery and get them back on the right path.

Customized evaluation and treatment planning

A Step In The Right Direction offers a personalized evaluation for professionals to help determine the best course of action. Once we have a treatment program in place, we offer evening therapy groups and meetings to allow you to work and take care of yourself in the most discrete way possible.

Our groups, counseling and therapy are all offered from 6pm-9pm at night Monday through Friday so you can remain in your career while seeking the professional addiction treatment you need. We also have a world class psychiatrists Dr. Reyes who is willing to meet professionals as late as 8pm or as early as 7am and even Saturday’s. Life coach and drug and alcohol counselor who has owned, operated and accredited several successful business.

We understand that you need to get back to work. We know that the stress has been crippling and drugs and/or alcohol were your solution…until they became the problem. We are here to help you build a support network and create a design for living so you can get back to work and remain clean and sober.
Some of the professionals we have successfully treated are pilots, nurses, flight attendants, insurance professionals, accountants, military, entrepreneurs, stock traders to name a few.


The approach we take at A Step In The Right Direction is evidence-based, personalized and designed to help prepare our clients for day-to-day living and real road recovery for a successful future. Our treatment staff includes highly regarded psychiatrists, clinical directors and providing luxurious treatment centers. Many of our staff members have personal experience in recovery and that experience is priceless when it comes to helping our clients overcome their addictions and get their life back on track.

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