Being a person of health and wealth is not always what life has planned. Some people find this true, while others struggle to get ahead. A wide range of possibilities lay in front of you when you enter recovery. Rehab is behind you and now the journey begins to put pieces of this new puzzle together. Living a meaningful life looks different for people, but human flourishing is related to many health factors. A sense of purpose is related to living longer, over time. Find out what constitutes living more purposefully in recovery and how to find that sense in your life.

Finding Meaning

Meaning comes with age, with ties to the social and emotional people and places you have journeyed. Social engagement in recovery is different than active addiction because the addiction is not the only tie to the people you see most regularly. If you are someone who mainly hung out with those who struggled with addiction like you, then you may have lost a lot of your support. Even if it was toxic to be around them, you likely found happiness and joy in moving into recovery circles where you could finally start connecting with others like you. This new part of your life gives you meaning and hope for the future. It is time to embrace it.


Being wise is not just about having knowledge. It is about what you know and how to use it effectively. Wisdom is a high value, whether it is extensive engagement alone or, in places with little value. People rate their sense of purpose in life by scaling the extent they feel they do things that are worthwhile. Some of the wisdom they desire that gives meaning comes from helping others and learning how to serve well. It also comes from learning by trial and error, figuring out the road you are on and how you got there. 

Socially Engaged

Being active with a social life means finding a purpose beyond certain things you used to do. This may be going to the arts, concerts, galleries, or now. These purposeful people are also socially and culturally engaged more than people who rate these things lower on the worthwhile living ratings. Finding positive things can be helpful, along with social engagement. This includes:

  • Positive, healthy people
  • Less chronic illness
  • Bathing and dressing every day
  • Experiencing health and not chronic illness
  • Feeling better mentally
  • Staying sober

Social engagement means being with people who support and encourage your recovery where you are now. This will bring purpose and guidance to your life in a way nothing else can. The hope is that you will find a way to be healthy and whole in a way you could not do while addicted to drugs and alcohol. Finding that purpose is the key to living a life you enjoy and are proud of in recovery.

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