Drug addiction takes a toll on every part of a person’s life. There may be other issues, in marriage it erodes trust, confidence, and hope. If the partner does not want treatment or is not willing to change, there can be some rifts that will not be repaired. Once the damage is done, the person with addiction may be left facing a difficult reality. It is important to make healthy lifestyle choices and seek professional help. 

Relationship Challenges

With addiction, there are difficulties that arise in a relationship. Partners often bear the burden for the other person while they have an addiction and run the household, take care of kids, manage their lives, and meanwhile, they have to manage the person with an addiction’s life, too. It takes time away from the relationship and family. It may also divide them physically and emotionally. This causes fights and may even drive violence and abuse. Addiction is not a disease of one person but the whole family. Every person has a part to play and is impacted by their substance use. Stress may eventually lead to the rupture of the relationship due to addictive behaviors.

Recovery Principles

Going through a divorce while you are in recovery is unsettling and challenging. While it could have happened before rehab, during, or after, the consequences for a person in recovery are monumental. They will need that much extra support to not relapse and stay away from triggers. Even if the person has quit using drugs, this does not make the decision to divorce any easier. In fact, it brings new issues to the forefront. The benefits of residential treatment and sober living can build a community for a person walking through this so they don’t feel so alone. 

  • Seek loved ones for support
  • Have a support network made up of trusted loved ones who can help make recovery successful
  • Find support and healing to build a new life so it does not feel lonely after divorce
  • Seek counseling to get through
  • Find sober support groups for people going through a divorce

It helps to recognize that overcoming addiction and coping with divorce are different strategies. Dealing with these two things can feel overwhelming. It may feel like life is falling apart. It helps to keep everything in perspective. Even when life is falling apart, be grateful for the good things in life and all that it has been blessed with. Rehab is a great decision for everyone and helps people recognize the places they need to work on so they can find hope for the future. 

A Step in the Right Direction provides support based on your needs in the moment. If you are struggling with divorce or separation due to addiction, we can help you put the pieces back together. For more information on sober living programs for men and women as well as recovery programs, call (877) 377-3702.