Vivitrol is a drug that has many purposes. One of them is to treat people who have an addiction to opiates. These include heroin and painkillers and has been proven to work better for some people than methadone. It is not commonly used, but there are possibilities for hope when dealing with addiction. Learn more about detox and how Vivitrol can help people navigate addiction recovery.


A big benefit of Vivitrol is to protect a person against overdose. Fatal overdose risk decreases when this drug is used to block the   of opiate drugs. This deterrent for relapse would turn deadly and cause a person to experience withdrawal. Methadone is taken by a person in the presence of medical professionals, which makes it easier for them to monitor, but the person has to continue showing up to receive care. Vivitrol is offered by injection once a month, making it easier for the person to manage symptoms.

Treatment Options

If a loved one has an addiction to opiates, there are several choices for treatment. Finding the right option is key. No matter how effective the drug is, that does not necessarily make it a great choice. The ability to find a doctor who is certified to dispense Vivitrol or Suboxone plays a key role in treatment. It helps to know whether:

  • A loved one needs inpatient programs or will function in outpatient care
  • Whether insurance will cover medication
  • How to pay for the cost of the medication out of pocket
  • How to help loved one manage daily medication 

Opiate detox type does not matter. What matters is a person finds help. It must be followed up by extensive psychotherapeutic intervention to be effective. If a person is struggling with opiate addiction, they can find help and hope in the right treatment center. Vivitrol can help some people but may not help everyone. The key is to find what works and stick with it for now. Having good monitoring is the best thing a person can do to support their recovery. Whatever drug is chosen, they should stick with it and keep showing up for themselves in order to get the best help going forward.

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