With so much alcohol present on television, on radio, and on social media, it can feel downright defeating to be alive and sober. Everywhere you look are ads for beer, wine, spirits, or movies and television with drinking.  Addiction treatment changes how you see your own sobriety, but it does not change the world or how it views alcohol consumption. The best you can do is manage addiction from the lens of sobriety and stay clean as long as possible. 

Why Alcohol Ads Exist

One of the reasons for having so many ads is revenue. There is money to be made from placing all these ads within television or commercials and, of course, that means getting people to drink it as much as possible. When people who are trying to be sober see those commercials, it is triggering and some have cravings kick up. People who want to stay sober usually have to mitigate how much they watch and when, but alcohol ads are not going away online or on billboards and in movies. With addiction, it is important to understand the world is not going to change to your way of thinking. It is going to conform to its own ways, so you have to learn how to navigate recovery your own way.

Honoring Your Sobriety

It can feel difficult to be in the world, but not of the world, with addiction nipping at your heels. For the first little while (about a year), it will seem like it wants to come after you with everything it has. Advertising is so personalized now that people’s profiles, online accounts, and email seem to be spammed with the very thing they’re thinking of at that moment (or spend time researching). Those who have been treated for addiction are not immune to falling into old habits of thinking and behavior, which can lead to relapse if they aren’t careful. The best way to honor sobriety is to think about some of the following:

  • Host sober parties with friends
  • Do hobbies or attend events with sober pals and ones that don’t include alcohol at the center of it
  • Jump off social media for a while to see what a difference this makes on a daily basis
  • Think about the connection with people and not thoughts or ideas that are harmful

Finding Hope

The thing to remember about advertising is that they will do anything to get your money in their pockets. They are out there trying to figure out how to get what you have. It would mean a lot to friends and family trying to stay sober for you to also make your best effort alongside them. Walking together through the journey has more meaning than walking through it alone. There are people who support the journey, so don’t throw that away because you are being drawn away from it by false advertising by companies who want to profit off your dollars. Create a sense of community and a pathway you are happy with. Don’t compromise your sober values and recovery for anything in the world. The sober world of recovery is your goal and will support your journey now and long into the future.

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